Fall Weekend

j Jamie (#16) played soccer at the Legions of Christ seminary in Cheshire and my parents were able to go see him play.  My dad took a bunch of pictures, so I thought I’d share one of them.  It meant so much to Jamie that his grandparents rearranged their day to fit his schedule and made the effort to find out where he was and to drive all the way there and then stand outside in the rain to watch him.  He’s been texting to say he’s having an awesome time.

Today, the soccer trip leaves the seminary and heads to Springfield, MA.  They’re going to stop at the basketball hall of fame and then have lunch and continue on home.  They should be back around dinner.

David and Shu are stopping at Williams again on their way home today to connect with one of Shu’s friends.

IMG_1093This morning, Nick and I headed to Tim’s Pumpkin Patch to get pumpkins for carving.   It was sunny and warm (by CNY standards) when we left and Nick said we’d be fine.  Why did I listen to a 12 year old?  We got to the frozen tundra of  Tim’s and wished we had hats and mittens and parkas like all the sane people there.  No, not us.  I had on a thin overshirt and Nick was wearing shorts!  Nick said “let’s get in and get out.  Can you buy me a cookie, too?”  So we were quick as can be.  We’re heading over to Andrea’s in a few minutes to carve pumpkins with Chris.


Last weekend I talked to my dad.  “What are you doing?”

“I’m sitting with your mother having a cup of coffee from our French Press and we’re enjoying Starbucks Pumpkin Scones I made with a recipe I found.  Scrump-dilly-i-cious”

Ever since that conversation, I’ve been craving Starbucks pumpkin scones.  I thought I should probably make them today to bring to Andrea.  Only thing was my dad wasn’t around to get the recipe so I had to search for one on my own.  I ended up with Pumpkin Scones from the  Pinch My Salt blog.  They’re pretty good – but need the icing.  I’ll do that now and Nick and I will head out.

One response to “Fall Weekend

  1. It was great that Mom and Dad got to see Jamie, don’t forget “BIG” Uncle Danny made it for a while and William, too!
    Oh yea, Dad’s Pumpkin Scones, mmmmmm good!!!

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